Thursday, 18 October 2012


I am always talking to my older children about creating opportunities for themselves and this blog has certainly done that for me, the latest being the chance to host a Sylvanian Families Twitter Party. I wasn't really sure what I was letting myself in for when I accepted the challenge but I was sure of my great fondness for the miniature inhabitants of Sylvania and their intricately accessorised homes.

My older girls had a collection of Sylvanian Families when they were younger including: a mansion house, a tree house, a bus and my personal favourite, a bakery. These provided many happy hours of make believe play, not forgetting a memorable incident when my daughter Ivy knocked out her cousin's wobbly tooth! Ivy was very quick to volunteer her services to help me co-host the party.

We had a lot of fun with the planning and preparation and particularly enjoyed sorting through the box of party games and toys we were sent.

Even with the best of planning, you can't budget for illness which did jeopardise the success of our party but we muddled through and as the saying goes - it was alright on the night.

Our party guests got stuck in with the Sylvanian themed colouring sheets, plasticine modelling, party food and of course experiencing the world of Sylvania through the lovely Log Cabin, Camper Van, Bathroom Set and Celebration Cat Family generously provided for that purpose.

Although the party was aimed at little girls, I have to say my 2 year old son probably enjoyed playing with the toys more than anyone!  I did put some of the really tiny accessories to one side for fear of losing them.

Sylvanian Families Camper Van

The party lasted two hours which went by very quickly but it was quite frantic trying to keep up with Twitter aspect of the event. The idea was to live tweet about the party using the #sylvanianfamiliesparty hashtag. Competitions and discussions meant that everyone could be involved and it wasn't long before the hashtag trended. It was an exciting moment being a part of that accomplishment. I did curse my computer when it seemed to take forever to upload my photographs and the twitter feed did move so fast it made my head spin at times. I was very grateful for Ivy's help.

Sylvanian families are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year which I think is testament to the fact that they are a timeless classic. I am very happy that my younger children are discovering these lovely toys and will hopefully carry some happy memories of Sylvania into adulthood as my older girls have done (maybe without the home dentistry part though).

I very much enjoyed sharing the Sylvanian experience both online and here at home with my party guests who took away with them some gorgeous sets to start their own collections.

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