Saturday, 6 October 2012

Bananas in Pyjamas

The Bananas in Pyjamas characters were inspired by the annoyingly catchy song originally composed in the sixties which talks about the yellow fruit dressed for bed and chasing teddy bears with a view to catching them unawares! I find it quite amazing that something created purely out of the beauty of poetic rhyming can have evolved into a top pre-school children's TV show and I have to admit (excuse the pun) I find B1 and B2 (the banana stars of the show) most a-peel-ing.

We were sent a Bananas in Pyjamas Funhouse Playset from Golden Bear to review.

The fold out plastic playhouse comes complete with B1 and B2 figures with hinged legs enabling them to sit and make good use of the colourful furniture accessories. Best of all is the musical staircase (batteries required) which plays (if you haven't already guessed) the famous Bananas in Pyjamas song, also used as the theme tune to the show.

The set was very cute and ideal for my two little ones as they had a banana each to play with. It has kept them happily entertained and inspired a bunch (sorry!) of make believe games. They particularly liked putting the bananas to bed beneath their plastic duvets and true to the spirit of the song, making them come down the stairs.

As the whole thing folds up it does not present any problems from a storage point of view.

RRP £34.99

Bananas in Pyjamas do not contribute to your 5-a-day

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