Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Morrisons Bakery

The supermarket that I do the bulk of my weekly shopping in is Morrisons. In part, this is because it is very conveniently located but I do like the whole shopping experience - range, price, layout, special offers etc (although more special offers on the vegetarian foods would be appreciated as would keeping the fish fingers from creeping into the meat free freezer display!) I particularly like the bakery department, being a big lover of the carbo-licious bakery products.

I was delighted to be offered a selection of new bakery products to review. I collected my samples in store and was not disappointed. 

The Sourdough Boule (400g £1) was still warm and smelled amazing - a smell that is right up there with frying onions and new books. The floured surface marked with a cross gave it a rustic appeal and the dense textured dough made it a perfect warming comfort food, ideal as the seasons change and the weather turns colder. I served it in thick slices, generously buttered, with a bowl of chile. Delicious. This will definitely be on my shopping list for our annual bonfire party.

The Chocolate Twists (£1) looked lovely but I know I am not keen on confectioners custard or the type of chocolate used in pastries so I handed responsibility of taste testing over to 18 year old, ever hungry, George. He made short work of both pastries in the pack and his verdict was simply : "Gorgeous".

The final product to sample was the Tiger Paw (75p per pack or 2 for £1).

Tiger Bread is described as 'white bread with a savoury glaze'. Whenever we have tiger bread there is much debate as to what the 'savoury' glaze actually is. I just googled it and the answer is 'rice paste' (whatever that may mean). I always think it has a slight fishy flavour (not great for a vegetarian) but I do love the appearance. This particular tiger bread was shaped into bread rolls in a paw configuration which I thought was clever and cute.

The rolls were crusty with a light airy texture inside. My dad would have loved them but my personal preference is for a softer, doughier type of bread. 

I think it is fair to say that the Morrisons bakery range has something for everyone and I am definitely enjoying finding out which my favourites are.

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