Monday, 29 October 2012

A Pumpkin Sort of Day

I'm loving that it is half term and Hallowe'en. I have a couple of family parties that I'm planning for (which will involve lots of baking) and I am busy getting in the mood with some arts and crafts with the kids.

Today we have carved pumpkins and had a go at some hand print spiders. The pumpkins turned out great. The spiders? Well, the less said about them the better. Suffice it to say there was an awful lot of mess and not a lot to show for it! On the plus side, the kids did enjoy smearing the gooey black paint everywhere.

Addy drew the design on with a wipe board marker and I helped her carve it.

Once our hands were cleaned (which took an awful lot longer to do than it took to write that), we treated ourselves to a girlie manicure (even little Dylan offered his finger nails for varnish).

Addy wanted a pumpkin design nail art (it was definitely a pumpkin sort of day) so I searched through my collection of nail varnish and found an orange one. It had actually come in a Strictly Come Dancing nail polish set that I had impulse purchased in the January sales. The orange shade was romantically called Cha Cha. I have never used it nor do I think that by doing so my performance in Latin dance would be enhanced but as far as our pumpkin nail requirements went - it was exactly what we needed.

I was surprised that I had no black nail varnish to paint the Jack o' Lantern faces. Black nail varnish is my favourite. I wore it all the time as teenager and wore it on my wedding day in honour of those teenage years when I first met the man I was about to marry.

We improvised. We used a sharpie marker. It wasn't brilliant but it was good enough.

I'm going out for a run later. I don't know if I am alarmed or delighted that my pumpkin nails perfectly match my new high vis orange running shirt!

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