Monday, 15 October 2012

Magpie Monday - Chillies

It's been ages since I joined in with Magpie Monday at the Me and My Shadow blog but I really wanted to share this particular find that has been brightening up my kitchen and making me smile since I parted with the £2.50 to make it mine.

My daughter's boyfriend volunteers at the local Relate charity shop and I often pop in to say hello when I happen to be passing. The shop sells mostly furniture (which was massively useful when I held a big family party and found myself with a shortage of chairs) but does also have a few books and odds and ends.

On one particular visit, a colourful string of chilli peppers immediately caught my eye. On closer examination, I found that they were ceramic rather than plastic and I knew I had to have them. I love chillies from a culinary point of view and find them aesthetically pleasing in shape and colour. My daughter, who was with me at the time, shook her head in disbelief that I was considering buying such a piece of nonsense and the chap who took my money actually laughed at my purchase. He wasn't laughing so much that he didn't try to sell me a second string (candidate for charity shop salesman of the week!!) but this one was chillies in autumnal colours and held no appeal to me whatsoever.

It was a little dusty but it washed up beautifully and I love it!

Oh, and here's one I knitted earlier!

Me and My Shadow


  1. Wish I could knit though I did once when I was seven for teddy *poor teddy* he accidently strangled himself on it *cries*

    Good bargain hunting by the way!

  2. They certainly don't look ceramic but do look fab against your black and white wall xx

  3. Wow, ceramic?

    My mind is thinking of crafty things to make with them. One would be lovely tied with some raffia to some homemade chilli infused oil for a Christmas pressie :0)

  4. I love that knitted chilli, too cute. I have a string of real chillis that I hung above my cooker years ago, I think they've actually mummified!

  5. They look real! I love chillies too, I'd add them to all our food if I could but hubby isnt keen, lol. Great bargain, I love it x


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