Monday, 4 August 2014

Cool Bandz

With the popularity of Loom Bands still very much in evidence, here is an alternative way of making funky bracelets (without the problem of multicoloured elastic bands left all over your house).

Cool Bandz from Flair's Cool Create Range is a kit for making wristbands reminiscent of those issued at music festivals (or hospitals!). Aimed at girls aged 6+ it was a perfect review product to be put to the test by my little Addy.

The kit contains the Cool Bandz Unit which serves to store the materials for the wristbands as well as housing a 'laminating dispenser' and hole punch for actually making them.

The instructions state simply "choose a band and decorate with stickers". There are 24 bands to choose from in an exciting variety of designs. I actually thought that they were a little too exciting. Most of them didn't leave much scope for further decoration. I also felt that the manufacturers could have been a little more generous with the gems and stickers, especially given the cost of the kit.

Addy enjoyed covering her choice of band in stickers and we moved onto the next stage of the process which was laminating.

By laminating it actually meant covering the band with a strip of sticky tape but the Unit is cleverly designed to feed the band under the dispenser for an accurate application.

Finally, a clip is added so the band can be fastened. A hole is made in both ends of the band using the integrated hole punch.

With the holes lined up the clip can be pushed through and snapped shut.

The kit provides 12 clips but they are reusable. Once the materials are exhausted, there is no reason why imaginative children could not use any paper cut to the correct width and decorated to make truly unique creations.

Addy enjoyed making her wristband but egged on by her little brother thought that pulling great lengths of tape out of the dispenser to hear the noise it made was more fun! Thankfully, the tape can be replaced with a standard 19mm mini sticky tape roll.


  1. That sounds and looks like a lot of fun!! Glad you can still use it after you've used all the materials provided x

  2. It does look like a proper craze so well done on the marketing team where ever that is lol. I can see it being fun a relaxing as well.
    Hi from Jollyjillys


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