Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I is for Indian

I have to admit, we have been a little stuck on our Alphabet Dates, my husband and I. What started off as a fun way to make sure we spent some time together, was starting to feel a bit like a chore. Our "I" date simply wasn't happening.

If time and money were no object (and it was winter!), my ideal I Date would be a stay at the Ice Hotel in Lapland. I love the idea of a hotel constructed of ice and it feeds very much into 'Snow Queen' fantasies of my childhood (I never identified with the princesses - always the evil [misunderstood?] villainous female characters).

Back to reality - we finally settled on an I Date - a meal at our favourite Indian restaurant. 

It didn't feel too much like a cop out because it wasn't an ordinary curry night. It happened to be the first anniversary of the restaurant and to celebrate, they were hosting a special charity event in aid of Midlands Air Ambulance. I always feel good about doing my bit for charity and giving something back to the community and if by so doing I get to enjoy the divine Paneer Tikka Masala, so much the better.

It was a lovely night - lively atmosphere, delicious food and the pleasure of supporting a good cause. When a follically challenged gentleman won a cut and blow dry in the raffle, an impromptu  (and quite hilarious) auction began, which included a jar of beetroot chutney being sold for £6 - all boosting the grand total for the Air Ambulance.

I won a prize in the raffle. It was one of those spooky moments. The lady calling the raffle said that the next prize was chocolate donated by the town's Fine Confectioners, Tuesday's. I commented that I wouldn't mind winning that one and lo and behold, my number was called. If I am in possession of powers that can influence outcomes, perhaps I should be setting my sights a little higher and wish for a stay at the Ice Hotel! In the meantime, I have a rather interesting chocolate novelty to share with my family.

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  1. You should go to the ice bar in London sometime, not quite Lapland but it could be the L date?

    What is J going to be? Juice? Jumping?


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