Saturday, 16 June 2012

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Desirable, fully furnished residence - one bedroom, well fitted kitchen, luxury bathroom, three good sized reception rooms, walled courtyard. This unique property is full of interesting features including magic. Would suit elves and fairies.

Ben and Holly's Little Castle Magical Playset is a delightful interpretation of the home of King Thistle et al from the popular animated kid's TV show, Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. The set comes with six tiny figurines of the key characters and a magic wand that uses magnets to create 5 magic spell effects in different rooms.

Ben, Nanny Plum, Holly, King Thistle, Gaston and Queen Thistle

A magic wand just like Holly's

There is a small amount of assembly required but allow plenty of time (preferably without an impatient child trying to 'help') to attach all of the stickers. This was a real fiddle and as I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to this sort of thing, I got quite cross once or twice!

My little girl, Addy, was totally captivated by the playset, instantly placing the figures in different rooms and acting out scenarios with them. She was particularly delighted when a real live "Gaston the Ladybird" landed on the castle and started climbing up the tower!

The set is intended for the 3+ age group but my two year old son wanted to play. He was far too heavy handed with it, broke one of Princess Holly's delicate little wings and started peeling off the stickers (I was not best pleased about that!) Sadly, I have had to place it on a shelf out of his reach which means it isn't very accessible now for Addy.

Addy loved discovering how to cast the 'magic spells' and loved even more that the magnetic wand stuck to cutlery.

This set was a Winner in the 2011 Right Start Best Toy Awards and I can understand why. I found myself drawn into the Magical World with the same glee as my daughter. Even my teenage daughter and her 18 year old boyfriend couldn't resist a little play!

(Ben and Holly's Little Castle Magical Playset was provided free of charge for the purpose of this review)

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