Sunday, 22 January 2012

Holiday Inn, Heels and Hangover

My Friend Rose got married this weekend. There is no mascara waterproof enough to cope with the tears I shed as I watched  Rose take to the dance floor for the first dance with her new husband.

Rose has not had an easy life - I honestly don't think I could have coped with half of what she has been through - yet here she was, swaying blissfully, completely content, brimming with love for a man who clearly felt exactly the same way too.

This perfect moment (aptly played out to Kelly Clarkson singing A Moment Like This) was touchingly beautiful and one I think I will remember for ever.

You've got to love happy endings!

The wedding took place at The Holiday Inn Swindon. I wore impossibly High Heels. I drank enough to have suffered a minor Hangover. Although this was never meant to count as our H date, it was a wonderful weekend and thanks to my fantastic daughter, Charis, volunteering to turn in early and stay with the sleeping little ones in the Hotel room, I got to spend a lot of time dancing with my Husband. I think it qualifies.

Other Wedding Weekend Highlights included:

  • My girls singing for the entrance of the bride
  • Getting through my 'Father of the Bride' speech without mishap.
  • Enjoying my girls performing a band set for the evening entertainment.
  • Seeing Taylor looking so grown up and partying. For the first time, I could really imagine her as a University student.
  • Spending time with all my grown up daughters.
  • Sleeping Babies
  • I've mentioned them once, but I love them enough to mention them again - my shoes!

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