Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Pure Bliss

Today, the numbers on my digital scale made me smile. I have reached the next milestone in my weight loss plan which makes me eligible for a surprise gift in the 'keep me motivated' scheme devised by my husband. This particular gift has been taunting me for weeks as I seemed to plateau at a point just on the wrong side of my qualifying target. The gym sessions are obviously working because here I am now in possession of a gorgeous bracelet, some money to buy clothes and within spitting distance of my ideal weight.

The numbers on the scale make me smile but my brain still has a lot of catching up to do before it is in line with where my body is physically.

After my Arbonne bath product testing a couple of nights ago, I walked into my bedroom wrapped in towels to get ready for bed. My husband had unknown to me, lit candles and bought a cute little grey cotton nightie with pink lace trim which he had laid out on the bed for me to find.

My first thought was how sweet and lovely my husband is and how lucky I am to have him in my life. This warm fuzzy feeling was quickly displaced  by the bigger, louder thought barging in - that was how tiny the nightie looked, would I ever squeeze into it and if I did what sort of state would I look? I did not want to witness my husband's disappointment (disgust?) as he compares me bulging out in all the wrong places to his memory of the same item modelled by the insanely skinny mannequin in the shop where he made his purchase. For those few moments before the new lingerie slipped effortlessly over my body and clung to my emerging trimmer figure in a most flattering way, I truly was gripped by a blind panic. I relaxed almost instantly and was grateful for my husband's good judgement in knowing what suits me.

I loved how the nightie made me feel, especially since it was less than 5 months ago that I was hugely pregnant and getting ready to give birth to my baby boy. I wasn't able to fully show my husband the appreciation he deserved because at this point, the two year old must have had a bad dream and woke up desperately in need of reassurance and cuddles that ended up lasting all night.

Lying in bed, feeling sexy in my slinky nightwear  and loved by a man who cared enough to buy it for me and with my beautiful little girl sleeping peacefully in my arms was for me, pure bliss.

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  1. You are so right to treat yourself!

    I'm keeping under 1500 calories a day at the moment .. which is almost impossible considering I am a recipe book writer!!! But my treat is a copy of red.. and a bath..

    Love your Blog !


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