Friday, 12 November 2010

Just Dance

I am not a morning person. I desperately need my cup of tea (brought to me daily, almost without fail, by my lovely husband) if I am to stand a chance of facing the world as even remotely human. This morning was no exception. My tea was placed as usual on my bedside cabinet.

I was vaguely aware of my husband giving me a very light peck on the cheek before heading off to work and my 2 year old daughter beside me in bed, but my eyes flatly refused to open.

My husband has decided to extend the morning beverage spoiling routine to include the 2 year old. He now brings her a Spongebob Squarepants mug of juice or milk to have in mummy's bed - just like mummy.  She loves it.

This morning (as a trip to Morrisons is long overdue and we have run completely out of juice) Spongebob was the bearer of ice cold, creamy, full fat milk. As I had yet to open my eyes, I am not entirely sure what happened but somehow, the entire contents of the aforementioned Spongebob mug was flung directly into my face! To say the least, it was shocking. To an outside observer, it probably would have looked very funny - me sitting bolt upright, milk dripping from my eyelashes and hair, trying to mentally compute what  I was experiencing. I had to leap out of bed and whip the bedclothes off to try and stop the puddle of dairy goodness soaking into the mattress and duvet. Only then could I stumble into the bathroom and clean myself up. No doubt I will need a good shower later if I want to avoid smelling of cheese but with the initial clean up complete, I was finally able to have my first sip of morning tea (by now a bit on the tepid side!). The 2 year old was uncharacteristically stunned into silence!!

Not the best start to the day but I have to say my skin does feel lovely and soft. Cleopatra obviously knew what she was doing with those milk baths.


Friday has rolled around again with terrifying speed. That means this evening is Aerobics Class.

Before I joined the gym, I had managed to convince myself that the Wii Fit would provide a proper good workout. Apart from the fact that more often that not I would end up watching some random rubbish on the telly instead of actually setting the Wii up to go, it would never really work because it was too easy to stop mid session to see to the kids / answer the phone / make a cup of coffee etc. At the gym, it is dedicated, uninterrupted torture in an environment entirely conducive to pushing yourself that little bit harder (certainly a lot harder than I would ever do at home). Although I am a supporter of the fact that any exercise is better than no exercise, with the best will in the world, for me, the Wii Fit was only ever a bit of fun.

As 'a bit of fun' the Wii is great.

Back in the seventies, I remember being totally amazed by Pong, It still holds an enormous amount of appeal for me. I love the sound effects, the simplicity, the amount of skill and strategy you can actually employ, the way the ball elongates into a sausage when it is moving at any speed.... Comparing Pong with modern gaming, it is mind blowing how far the techno age has travelled. It has been quite a ride on the wave of change and I hope that as I approach the end of my fifth decade, I won't find myself drowning in the advances. I am relying on the fact that with two young children, I'll be kept up to date and (fingers crossed) taking full advantage of all that is on offer.

After giving birth to my baby boy, my husband bought me Dance on Broadway for the Wii.

I could really do with three times the amount of floor space in my living room and a TV mounted at eye level so I'm not always looking down to copy the dance moves, but this does not stop it being fantastic fun, especially when played with my daughters who really go for it to get a high score. I love the songs, I love the routines (some of which are  really challenging) but most of all I love how much we laugh together as a family perfecting our moves and singing along to the on screen lyrics.

There is a competition over at Diary of a Frugal Family to win Just Dance 2. I have entered thinking that a whole lot of new tunes and funky choreography could be the perfect antidote to our post Christmas Dinner sloth and apathy. Why not enter yourself and if you win, please invite me over for a Just Dance Wii Night - I'll bring the wine!

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