Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Cherish Every Breath

Yesterday was my birthday and the sun shone all day. I felt glad to be alive.

Today, the rain is back and I have just found out that someone close to our family has lost her brother in a car accident. I did not know the young man personally but I am deeply shocked by the news and can only begin to imagine how the bereaved family are feeling.

So much of life can be mundane and routine. It is easy to feel miserable, dissatisfied, frustrated, depressed - to overlook the everyday miracles. It is a cliche but what if today were your last?

Yesterday, I felt glad to be alive. Today, even more so.

Cherish every breath.


  1. This is so true - you should read a book called 1,000 gifts, recommended to me by Tamsyn from manic mum. It's an eye opening read

  2. So true. I am so sorry to hear you have had such terrible news. XX


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