Monday, 21 May 2012

Dear Blog...

This is the longest I have been away from you since we first made our acquaintance.

I have compared my life to a high speed train and you, dear blog, to the stations where I stop, take stock and reflect before continuing down the tracks.

Just recently, my train has run into a few problems. Nothing insurmountable - nothing really that important - just enough to slow its progress.

All I have been doing is taking stock and reflecting as my train grinds painstakingly forward.

Finally, I feel my wheels turning purposefully once more and it feels good.

I have been known to complain that life is too hectic - that I never seem to get the time to do all the things I need to do - let alone the things I want to do. My unscheduled days in the slow lane have made me really appreciate the crazy pace of life that has become my 'normal'.

It is with a happy heart that I return to full speed and the familiar place at my computer screen - the magic doorway to the tiny part of cyberspace that  I think of as mine.

Ready to enjoy the journey,

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