Thursday, 31 May 2012

Winning Wenlock

Yesterday, the Olympic torch passed through Shropshire.

I have to admit it didn't inspire me enough to get in my car to drive the 15 minutes to actually witness this event but it is hard not to be infected a little bit by the growing excitement that the games are generating.

Shropshire has a strong connection to the Olympics. Much Wenlock, a small town near Telford, is considered to be the birthplace of the Modern Olympic Games. One of the 2012 London Olympic Games mascots has been named Wenlock in honour of this sporting heritage.

I was sent an official Olympic plush Winning Wenlock mascot from Golden Bear to review.

At 35cms tall, cycloptic and proudly sporting a patriotic red, white and blue Union Jack design and holographic gold medal, Winning Wenlock is instantly recognisable. He has poseable arms, great for raising in a victory cheer (or covering his large single eye in case things don't go so well for Britain!)

Best (or worst depending on your point of view) of all is that he gets down to some seriously groovy moves whilst playing the official mascot song.  Lots of fun!

We are Olympic ready. Are you?

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