Thursday, 24 May 2012

Happy Anniversary

My daughter, Taylor, is celebrating an anniversary today - 3 years of being together with her boyfriend George. They have bought each other touchingly thoughtful gifts and as I write , they are snuggled on the sofa watching an episode of Bones.

George is completely lovely.

He calls my daughter 'Beautiful' and buys her Lockets when her voice is croaky.

There has never been an awkward moment to trigger maternal disapproval. Their relationship and George's place in our family have evolved slowly and naturally.

George gets on well with Taylor's three grown up sisters and has a very strong bond with the two younger siblings.

My little Dylan adores George. In a predominantly female household, he relishes the 'boyness' that George provides. He also relishes the breakfasts that George provides when mummy is a bit slow getting downstairs in the morning!

I used to joke with Taylor that if they ever parted company, we'd keep George. I don't say it anymore because she started to believe me!

George is wonderful but nothing less than my daughter deserves.

There is a difficult path ahead for the two sweethearts.

This autumn, Taylor plans to go off to University. George will remain here to complete his A levels. The separation and the inevitable changes that Taylor will experience in her life will undoubtedly put a great deal of strain on their relationship.

Big sister Liberty's relationship survived three years of University and she is now happily settled in a home that she and her boyfriend have purchased together. It is a positive example but certainly not a guarantee that everything will work out the way Taylor and George imagine.

Right now, they are not worrying about future challenges. They are quite rightly celebrating how far they have come as a couple and have a whole carefree summer stretching ahead of them to enjoy.

Photograph by the fantastically talented,  Kirsty Warner

Happy Anniversary to two amazing young people. 

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