Saturday, 5 November 2011

Penis Envy

Up until recently, my little girl has taken no notice of the obvious difference between herself and her younger brother when they've shared a bath. That has now changed and her brother's 'tail' is the most fascinating thing she has ever laid eyes on.

My husband cannot conceal his obvious pride when it comes to the size of our son's willy. The midwife remarked that he was a big boy when he was born - and she wasn't just referring to his healthy 3.82 Kg weight (or 8lbs 7oz in old money).  I'd never really thought about it but I have to admit that when he gets those little erections that baby boys get, it can be really difficult to get his nappy on!

My daughter now says that she wants to be a boy when she grows up. Why? Because she wants a wiggly tail like Dylan.

With her fondness for pink and all things girlie, I don't think for one minute that we are looking at the early signs of transgender issues - just a classic case of penis envy!


  1. Ahh what a sweetie, such a blondie. My girls would die with envy at her little outfit.

    Mich x

  2. Fondness for pink things... I had to smile.


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