Friday, 4 November 2011

Lion King Jigsaw

The Lion King has always been a firm favourite in our house and my older girls wasted no time introducing their younger siblings to Simba and the cast of cartoon animals (they never need much of an excuse to lose themselves in the Wonderful World of Disney).

News of The Lion King's re-released in 3D was met with much excitement. Even my daughter's slightly grumpy boyfriend (I hope I will be forgiven for describing him as such!) loves the film.

To coincide with the 3D release, Ravensburger have introduced two new jigsaw puzzles featuring Simba and friends -  3 x 49 piece puzzles and a XXL 100 piece puzzle. We were sent the 100 piece puzzle to review.

The recommended age for the puzzle is 6+ but as I have mentioned before, my little girl, Addy, never pays any attention to what would or would not be suitable for a 3 year old. She was eager, as always, to get started.

The pieces were a good size for little hands and made from quality card that withstood her imprecision when it came to fitting the pieces together.

The colourful picture was very engaging and Addy enjoyed naming the characters and watching the scene unfold as she progressed.

Addy was very keen to enlist Grandad's help the following day for a repeat performance. It was a delight to watch her spending this precious time with her Grandad as they solved the puzzle together.

It pleases me to see my children occupied with the more traditional, 'no batteries required' category of toys. There will always be a place for jigsaw puzzles in our house, and Ravensburger definitely seem to have the formula right for producing a quality, appealing product that can be enjoyed again and again.


  1. That's lovely of Adrian and Dad :) xxx

  2. I'm not too keen on jigsaw puzzles but this one in the picture looks really appealing :)


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