Friday, 18 November 2011

Children in Need

As the country gets ready for the big fund raising event of the year, my own little Pudsey bear tucks into her breakfast.

Inspired by Mari's World, I have baked a batch of cupcakes in spotty cases that will later be "Pudsey-fied" by an enthusiastic 3 year old wearing bear ears! It's going to be messy but I love it.

Tonight we will all snuggle up on the sofa for Children in Need and make our donations but above all, remember how lucky we are.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful post

    - alot of people were tweeting with a hashtag #CIN last night so I was worried I was missing it - I was co-sleeping in bed with Aaron and couldn't leave him to go to sitting room to watch - if you are telling me it is on tonight I am very pleased.

    His whole nursery had to dress up yesterday for Children In Need so he got to wear his costume for a 3rd time yyyyyeeeeeaaah



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