Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Gallery - Week 83 - The Kitchen

Exactly a year ago today, my home was something of a disaster zone. The sub zero temperatures outside had frozen and burst some water pipes that ran through the roof space above my kitchen. As the damaged pipe defrosted, a torrent of water came flooding through the ceiling. This was my futile attempt to contain the flood.

The floor certainly got a good wash which was no bad thing but I was somewhat disconcerted by the water pouring through my electrical light fitting.

My husband was a hero, squeezing his large body through a tiny space between rafters in the snow covered roof to get access to the broken pipe and replace it. Hopefully, with the special pipe he used and the extra lagging, we won't ever have a repeat of the problem.

All that remained was to wait for it to dry out and access the damage to the decor. 

It could have been a lot worse. There was a crack in the plaster but it was sound enough to be repaired rather than replaced. A large area of the textured paint had peeled away but that could easily be patched. So why is it, I ask myself, that a year later the job still hasn't been done?

Life gets in the way. There is always another job that takes priority. I am almost blind to the unsightly, bare, discoloured ceiling. 

With all our Christmas plans and preparations, I doubt there is enough time left this year to get the job done but it is definitely going to be top of the DIY list come January. I will restore my kitchen to its former glory and re-establish it as the heart of my home.


  1. My husband would have been useless in that situation. Glad you got it fixed x x

  2. Arrgh what a nightmare! Sounds like you have a fab DIY Hubby who was able to sort things out.

    Here's to you getting your kitchen sorted in January.

  3. Oh my goodness how awful, I would have found a corner and cried. Good luck with the transformation in the New Year!

  4. OMG, everyone's nightmare and it happened to you. Good luck with the restorations in the New Year

  5. Oh dear thats awful. Nothing as bad as water damage is there. Good luck with the redo project!


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