Monday, 7 November 2011

If there's someone....

If there's someone who turned your life around
And put the colour back into your world,
Then you shouldn't stay angry at them just for treading muddy footprints into your pale stair carpet.
If there's someone who brings you a cup of tea in bed every single day
Count how many times they would have waited in a cold kitchen for a kettle to boil
While you were warmly snuggled under duvet.
If there's someone who is not afraid to put on their shiny shoes
And twirl you round a ballroom
It would be wrong to be disappointed that they lack the grace and elegance of a dancer.
If there's someone, who after a hard day at work,
Drills and hammers to make your home a better place
The least you could do would be to clean up after his "Oh, F*ck" moments
When there's someone whose face you love
And that same face made soft and beautiful looks at you from your precious child
Isn't that a feeling beyond compare?
And if that someone would do anything for you
And wants to spend the rest of their life with you
And loves you
Then know your good fortune and Praise the day that they were born.

Happy Birthday, Paul xxx


  1. He is lucky that you see all that in him...or he would have ended up in big trouble on many an occasion!

  2. ahh you big softie, that is fab. Mich x


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