Sunday, 13 July 2014

Attention! Attention! My wobbly tooth will come out today!

My six year old Addy has had a wobbly tooth for over a week. It was her first one and has generated much excitement between her and little brother Dylan who wishes he had a wobbly tooth too.

This morning, big sister Taylor was awoken by the sound of Addy outside her bedroom door enthusiastically announcing Attention! Attention! My wobbly tooth will come out today!

Addy was right. By lunch time, the thread of gum clinging to the wobbly tooth finally gave up and out it popped.

Addy looked stunned. Holding the tooth in her little fingers, blood pooling behind her bottom lip, she was literally speechless.

I got her to rinse her mouth out with water and the excited babble returned.

Dylan wanted to have a good look at the tooth and the hole where a tooth had once been. Addy willingly obliged.

Now they are both busy preparing for the arrival of the tooth fairy tonight.

I am very proud of my little gappy girl. She is growing up fast.


  1. Aww! How sweet....
    My girl lost two teeth last week....The tooth fairy will of been busy :)

  2. I'm imagining Addy making that announcement by herself. She is so adorable! Haha! I think she looks even cuter with a missing tooth. I can honestly picture her excitement when her tooth finally came off. You must've been very proud of how brave she was. She's really growing up pretty fast. Next thing you know, she'll be losing the last of her baby teeth. :)

    Joel Haynes @ Herrin Pediatric Dentistry


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