Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I have yet to write about my monthly resolution for June. There is a good reason for this which demonstrates how effective said resolution has been. My small change for June has been to Just Get on and Do It. I have been getting on and doing it... at the expense of my blogging time.

My biggest Get On and Do It challenge has been to redecorate my hallway.

It is taking forever because I only get short bursts of time between school drop offs and pick ups and making tea and sorting out fights between the kids etc.. but slowly, the amount done is surpassing the amount left to do. The scales are tipping in favour of completion and it is looking really good.

I can't help wondering if my menopausal mentality has caused me to reject the blood red statement decor in favour of a subtle, understated neutral but it has given the house a complete facelift.

Goodbye blood red...

... hello neutral.

It may not have been the most efficient of makeovers but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I find painting with emulsion fantastically relaxing (de-stress by roller) and the focus and concentration required to apply the gloss evenly and cleanly takes me to an almost meditative state -  Zen and the Art of Decorating! I love the paint smell too - it calms me in the same way that the bleach smell from a good clean does.

I bought some picture frames today. Finally, after living here for more than seven years, I am going to get some favourite photos hung up. I could tie myself up in knots trying to choose what goes where but in the spirit of my June resolution, I'm going to Just Get On and Do It.

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