Friday, 17 January 2014

Sky Dancers

Yesterday, my 3 year old was delighted to receive a Peppa Pig Weebles Wind and Wobble Playhouse . If you read the review, you know that 5 year old Addy did not entirely share the  delight. She thought the parcel contained a Sky Dancer. It didn't. Outcome = Tears!

Today, her luck changed when a Sky Dancer was delivered to our door.

We received the lovely Camille, one of the range of four flying fairy dolls from Character.

I think the look on my daughter's face (in this slightly blurry photo) says it all.

The sky dancer doll slots into a base unit. You then simply pull the launch string and watch your fairy fly up to 3 metres in the air. To get an impressive launch you need a good clean, fast pull. However, even the most pathetic of pulls makes the Sky Dancer twirl beautifully in her base unit and it doesn't take much more energy to get her rising into the air (before crashing gracelessly to the ground).

Addy's pulling skills were leaning more towards the category of 'pathetic' but it didn't stop little brother giggling, clapping and jumping up and down with excitement at the very short flights. Addy was determined to keep practising until she got better... and to her credit, she did get the hang of it.

There are Safety Instructions printed on the Sky Dancer box to avoid injury but they do seem to be mostly common sense.

Addy is still practising her launch technique. She just shouted from the other room "MUM!!!! I GOT IT REALLY HIGH!!!" I'm wondering if I should be worried!

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