Friday, 18 October 2013

Pink and Twinkly - Pinkly?

It has been a bit of a bad week for me this week and my running has suffered as a result. I haven't actually been out for a run for ten days.

Tomorrow I am running the Race for Life and I'm not sure if my unscheduled break in training will have a huge detrimental effect or if in fact I will actually be so desperate to feel those endorphins I'll have to be held back until the starters orders.

I suspect the latter.

If I have to go upstairs, I run. If I have to go out into the garden to feed the chickens or some such thing, I run. Just going back to the car after dropping the kids off at their schools, I run. These tiny bursts of activity do feel good.

I am very much looking forward to having the opportunity tomorrow to run for 5K - to stretch my legs, to breathe deeply, to feel my body working...

...and to say that I'm not looking forward to dressing in pink and adorning myself with fairy lights would be a lie.

For training tips, inspiration and photos visit Race for Life's sponsor Aqua Pura's website at

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