Sunday, 26 August 2012

Tots 100 Film Club - Space Jam

Space Jam has always held a place of affection for my older girls (they even remember collecting free Space Jam toys from boxes of cereal many years ago) and they were quite excited to introduce an old favourite to their younger siblings. The little ones were particularly excited having recently discovered the host of Looney Tunes characters that star in it alongside the human actors, from watching the Big Faces box set. Judging by the amount of times they have already watched it and factoring in the amount of times they have asked to watch it, I have to assume that it was a hit with them.

The plot goes something along the lines of:  downtrodden aliens invade earth to bring Bugs Bunny et al  back to their planet to revive a failing theme park - Bugs challenges aliens to a game of basketball to win their freedom and enlists help of recently retired basketball hero Michael Jordan - lots of action - lots of fun - lots of classic 'cartoon moments'.

I'm sure that back in 1996 when it was first released,  Michael Jordan would have been more of a household name. None of my children had any idea who he was but obviously this did not spoil their viewing pleasure.

Generally, I am not a fan of films that mix real life with cartoon animation, finding it jarring to the senses. However, this was very well done and I was thoroughly amused by it.

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