Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mrs Mouse's Cupcakes

My three year old loves books and she was lucky enough to be given a gorgeous 'Puddletown Tales' book for her birthday entitled Mrs Mouse's Cupcakes.

The friend who gave my daughter this gift has actually been 'online' friends with the author of the book, GretelParker for a couple of years. Gretel writes two blogs, in which she talks about her life as a children's illustrator, needle felter and toymaker in a tiny cottage in the Cotswolds and which focuses on the Cotswolds as a place to live and visit.

In the post Cobbling it Together , Gretel talks about the process of turning the idea for the Puddletown Tales into a reality.

Mrs Mouse's Cupcakes is a simple story of a friend visiting. Mrs Mouse's attempt to make cupcakes for her friend does not go according to plan but all is well in the end. The illustrations combine traditional drawings with photographs of the characters and cupcakes crafted in felt to create something visually rich and quite beautiful. Add to this the fact that the pages are engineered into a multilayered 3D effect that quite literally draws you into the world of Mrs Mouse. The book is a real treat.


  1. OH!!!! I am sat here with a little tear in my eye, I don't have children and I have never heard one of my books being read by a real live child before...thank you so much for the lovely review and the wonderful reading, I hope you don't mind if I borrow the video for my blog, I'd love to share it with my readers. I've got goose bumps now and I'm thrilled that my book it is so much appreciated.

  2. What a delight to hear Adrian reading her book about Cupcakes and I think it was wonderful that the author of the book enjoyed hearing it being read by a child - it ceertainly made her day I think.

  3. I'll share a little secret - I have a copy too, tucked away safely in the hope of an eventual grandchild (of which there is no sign whatsoever!) and it is indeed a real treat of a book. As a child, I would have adored it myself.


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