Monday, 9 May 2011

Ballroom Blitz and Beer at the Brewery

I have been looking forward to the second of my Alphabet Dates and this weekend it was time for:

Every Sunday, my husband and I have a ballroom dancing lesson and recently, Liberty and her boyfriend have joined our class. I love it but as with all things, if you don't practise regularly, progress is slow. There are not many opportunities to dance a waltz or quickstep and even less to tango. For our B date, we made an opportunity.

I didn't exactly plaster on the fake tan and get out the sequins but I did apply tinted moisturiser and put on a flouncy skirt. We had hired the hall where we usually have our lessons and set off in the Blue BMW armed with supplies of Buxton spring water, sparkling Badoit and chocolate Buttons. We met Liberty and partner there, closed the curtains and turned on the revolving disco ball.

Although the hall was a little empty with just the four of us, we appreciated the space to work on our routines and still managed to collide with each other. We cranked the Ballroom tunes up to an almost anti-social volume and danced till our hearts were content and our legs aching!

The second part of our date was a much appreciated pint of Beer from our new local Joule's Brewery pub.

The brewery has access to a source of natural spring water filtered through the same red sandstone that was used to build the church across the road where my girls have participated in the annual Carol concerts. This spring water is an essential ingredient in the Joule's Pale Ales. I am no connoisseur of real ale but I did thoroughly enjoy my pint (so much so that I had another!) and the local history and tradition attached to it made it all the more special. It also made me smile when I found out that physicist James Prescott Joule was a member of the Joule's family of brewers, given that my husband's early career was as a research physicist.

The pub had been extensively refurbished at the same time that the brewery was built and was so lovely inside that we decided to stay for a meal. The veggie options were a bit limited and there was nothing that fitted in with a B theme but I was pleased when our pie, chips and peas were served on Beige plates (and I added plenty of Brown sauce!)

When we got home from our slightly extended B date, both the baby and the babysitter were fast asleep.

Big THANKS to LibertyFallsDown for the Alphabetti Spaghetti inspired icons.

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  1. ... Asleep in my bed... O.o
    I know I'm not there to use it right now, but still! XD


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