Friday, 1 July 2011

Raspberry Trifle

My sister has accused me on Twitter of sabotaging her weight loss efforts with the fresh raspberry trifle I made to celebrate my little boy's birthday with her and my parents. I would like to pass the blame to my lovely Mother in Law whose raspberry trifle always has me going back for seconds. Last time we visited her she gave me a hand written recipe revealing her secrets.

When trying to replicate the trifle at home I admit I did cut a couple of corners and made some minor adjustments. My MIL buys raspberry conserve to spread on her trifle sponges and painstakingly de-pips it - I bought seedless raspberry jam on special offer in Morrisons. My MIL makes up her jelly with the juice of cooked raspberries - I saved some excess juice from when I made a  rhubarb, strawberry and raspberry crumble, froze it and used that. My MIL offers her trifle with the cream separate to be added at the time of serving - I slopped mine on top and then added further raspberries for decoration (we really do have something of a raspberry glut at the moment!).

Some of my MIL's instructions weren't terribly explicit so I may have unwittingly made some further deviations.

The result was delicious in a way that jelly, sponge, custard, fresh cream and raspberries was always going to be but it was absolutely nothing like the masterpiece that my MIL creates. I can only assume that she has a secret ingredient she is not telling me about - or maybe it is just a little bit of Mother in Law magic.

Fresh Raspberry Trifle


  1. oh Yum, I see why Wendy couldn't resist - Trevor would have to work very hard to make anyone resist that!


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