Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Gallery - Week 67 - Vintage

I do not own anything that I would classify as truly 'vintage' but  I do have a small collection of old books that have the ability to transport  me back to a bygone age with every flick of the yellowed pages.

My collection includes:

  • the marvellously Politically UNcorrect  "Book of Brownies" by Enid Blyton (1967)  where the people in Cleverland will spank you for being stupid and 'gay' really did mean happy.

  • the 1941 guide to "Love without Fear" where needless descriptions of the unsavoury are avoided but aims to ensure that your sex life will no longer be deplorably unsatisfactory. The introduction states that - Not one husband in twelve knows enough of the technique of love to enable him to impart and recieve half the pleasure which should be derived from sexual union and The overwhelming majority of wives NEVER know the supreme joy which the sex act can yield to the ideally mated. 

My favourite of the old books is a modest paperback guide from the fifties entitled "How to Decorate a Cake" by Anne Anson produced by the makers of Decorating Equipment - Tala. With the image of the immaculately groomed housewife on the front cover and the very formal writing style it is impossible not to take on the identity of Domestic Goddess as you learn everything you need to know about making a perfectly decorated cake and even how the challenge of Cocktail Parties can be met with a well set out sideboard, piled with an imaginative array of appetisers, in gay colours, novel shapes and unusual and delicious flavours. The Cocktail Hostess is even encouraged to be somewhat reckless,  following every whim of her imagination and by heeding this good advice will henceforward be known as a delightful hostess and excellent cook. All of this in one 32 page booklet!

So for my Gallery contribution today I give you - How to Decorate a Cake.


  1. Ah, Enid Blyton.

    I moved out last year and because I moved into a small cottage, I couldn't take all my books with me(I'm a terrible bookworm!).
    My mum tried to give my Blytons away, can you believe that? Although societys extremely different now, I want my children to read the magical stories she penned :)
    I have never heard of the Book of Brownies though, may have to look out for that to add to my collection.

    Fab post x

  2. oooh awesome! I love old books, especially the politically incorrect ones!

  3. Loving your politically uncorrect books! And the cake decorating one is fab, what an illustration...

  4. How cool I love old books. x

  5. I love Enid Blyton, I grew up on Mallory Towers! The how to decorate a cake booklet is fabulous. You should frame that! x

  6. Love them!
    I wonder if those books would even get published now..


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