Saturday, 23 July 2011

Baby Sensory Nappy Balm - review

Whenever I hear the words 'natural', 'ethical' and 'locally sourced' in relation to the sorts of products that I buy, my ears prick up.

Baby Sensory have launched a 100% natural and ethical nappy balm handmade in Scotland from locally sourced ingredients. I was very pleased to have the chance to try it.

Both my little ones have dry skin which sometimes irritates them to the point that they scratch until it bleeds. It breaks my heart to see their precious skin sore and scabbed over.

The Baby Sensory nappy balm is created using a combination of the following natural ingredients which are thought to have beneficial properties:
  • sunflower seed oil to lock in moisture and form a protective barrier
  • olive oil to promote elasticity and counteract the effect of environmental pollutants
  • cocoa butter an antiseptic agent to protect against various skin conditions
  • beeswax for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and skin softening properties
  • castor oil to soften rough skin and cleanse
Sounds wonderful.

The nappy balm is presented in a strong, no frills container with a well fitting lid.

It looked a little like vaseline to me but it was much lighter and lovely to smooth onto the skin. I could only detect a very subtle aroma of beeswax, vaguely reminiscent of freshly polished furniture.

The balm did absorb into the skin but there was definitely an invisible protective residue left behind which was not sticky or unpleasant in any way.

I am not going to say that it is some sort of a miracle cure but it is certainly helping and it is the only treatment that I have used that has elicited the response from my three year old "feels soft".

My teenage daughter has recently returned from Spain with a rather nasty patch of sunburn on her chest. Without telling her that this was 'nappy balm' in case she was put off by that, I offered it to her to try. The fact that she came back asking for more speaks for itself. The fact that she continued to use it even after reading the 'nappy balm' label, speaks louder.

This is a lovely product with a multitude of uses. A little goes a long way so at £5.99 for a 50ml pot I believe it also represents excellent value for money.

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