Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Doc McStuffins Mini Clinic Playset

We have been lucky enough to receive lots of lovely toys for review over the past month. On top of the toys the children were given for Christmas, I have had to get creative with storage to find homes for everything. There was no problem finding a home for the latest review product we were sent - a  Doc McStuffins Mini Clinic. We were also sent a separate collectible character.

As the name suggests, once removed from the packaging, the Mini Clinic takes up very little space. It may be small but it is beautifully detailed and brimming with play value. Both my children are big fans of the TV show and couldn't wait to start playing.

The set contains a doctors bag that opens up to give an idea of the clinic because of a printed backdrop on the interior. Inside is a lift out bed for patients, doctor's tools, two casts and instantly recognisable to my Doc McStuffins fans, Lambie, the Big Book of Boo Boos and the toy practitioner herself, Doc.  The pieces have the pink sparkly touches just like on the TV show.

My children jumped straight in with the imaginary play and soon brought some other toys into the clinic for a checkup and diagnosis. They have already started their wishlist for adding to the collection of characters.

Compact toys like this are great for travelling or for popping in your handbag when you think a distraction might be necessary. The down side, of course, is the tendency for the little pieces to become mislaid. Ever the optimist, I am hoping that it will teach my children a valuable lesson in caring for their belongings (as well as possibly sewing the early seeds for a future career in medicine!)

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