Thursday, 27 February 2014

One small change for February

Instead of New Year's resolutions this year, I have adopted a "One Small Change" per month approach. For February, my small change is tied in with the online Jantastic running challenge I signed up for. The Jantastic personal target for this month was for the number of runs per week and the distance of the longest run. I kept my number of runs a realistic 3 per week but decided to really push myself with the distance target. My one small change for February was to literally "Go the Extra Mile"

I regularly run 3 miles so I decided to set my first week's target at 4 miles. I added half a mile onto this each week, culminating in a respectable 6 miles. On Monday night, I completed the distance challenge.

I have absolutely loved running the longer routes although it has been hard to find the time, the energy (and the babysitters) to enable me to get out and do them. I did most of my runs with my husband, discovering some lovely (slightly soggy) countryside near to our home which was wonderful.

I am hoping that by covering longer distances, my regular 3 mile runs will start to feel easier and I might start to make some improvement in my speed. I have next month's Jantastic challenge to find out if that is the case.

"Going the Extra Mile" - the dream v the reality!

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