Friday, 16 August 2013

Goodbye Old Wellies, Hello V Festival

This weekend is the V Festival weekend. If the weather forecast is to be trusted it is going to be a WET one, which means - welly time!

These are my wellies.

They were part of the Tickled Pink range in Asda many years ago, raising money for Breast Cancer Charities. I fell totally in love with them. They were actually pinker then but time, muddy festivals, gardening and creosoting fences have all taken their toll. I would overlook the fading and the brown splodges but I could not ignore the big split that appeared, new for 2013.

Reluctantly, I had to accept it was the right moment to replace them.

I could not find a design to rival my beautiful 'black lace over girly pink' so I opted for shiny black wellies.

I found a pair of shorts in a local charity shop to wear with my new wellies which means I am ready for my weekend of live music and the horrifically churned up grounds of Weston Park.

I don't suppose the shiny blackness will last for long!

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