Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Balancing Cactus

I am a big fan of wooden toys and I absolutely love the Balancing Cactus I was sent to review from Plan Toys.

It is a simple strategy game whereby players aged from three years take turns to build the cactus without it toppling over.

The pieces are brightly coloured and very pleasing to handle.

It is very well made and the pieces fit together easily in a multitude of combinations into the base - some constructions offering more stability than others!

Both my little ones (and dad!) enjoyed playing the game, taking great care to position their pieces and with the predictable whoops of delight when the whole thing eventually toppled over.

From an educational perspective, the game certainly encouraged turn taking, manual dexterity, precision and planning.

My daughter was very happy to remove the competitive element and sit quietly on her own creating interesting designs.

I like how this toy looks so much I am considering displaying it as a funky ornament when the children are not using it. My environmentally conscious side was satisfied to see that it was made from chemical free, replenishable rubberwood.

We have had many toys that the children have enjoyed playing with, grown out of and have since been donated to our local charity shop. Unfortunately for the charity shop, the Balancing Cactus will NOT be finding it's way onto their shelves any time soon. This is definitely a toy I will hold onto for the day I  put together  a 'grandma's toybox' to entertain any future grandchildren in the years to come.

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