Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Electro Dough

The weeks of this summer holiday seem to be flying past far too quickly - but we did manage to squeeze in a moment for some frivolous fun with technology after being sent an Electro Dough Kit from Technology Will Save Us as part of a new campaign being launched by the charity Nesta.

The campaign Make Things Do Stuff  aims to encourage young people to be creators of digital technologies rather than just users.

My 16year old daughter, Charis, was happy to take on the challenge.

The kit contained an exciting mix of electronic components, some fun shape cutters and instructions detailing first how to make your conductive dough and then what to do with it!

Charis wasted no time getting stuck into making her dough and apart from dyeing her fingers blue with food colouring (slightly embarrassing for her as she was due to practise her piano duets later that day) the whole process was very straightforward.

Connecting the battery pack to the balls of dough and then completing a simple circuit gave us the satisfaction of seeing our first LED light up - a cause for much celebration!

Unfortunately, time ran out for Charis before she could really get to grips with the possibilities and unleash her creativity. As she headed off for her piano lesson, dad decided it was his turn to put his Physics degree to good use.  Five year old Addy was attracted by the blue dough and fascinated by all the intriguing little components. Between them they had lots of fun.

It definitely felt like doing 'proper' science with plenty of freedom to explore and try out your own ideas.

The Electro Dough Kit is available online for £13.50

The Make Things Do Stuff website which contains a wealth of information, including step by step tutorials, can be found at 

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