Thursday, 13 September 2012

Much more exciting than a soggy sandwich

There was definitely some interest in the new contraption that appeared in my kitchen (courtesy of The New York Bakery Co).

Contrary to popular opinion, the circular plastic device was not an alien spacecraft but in fact, a Bagel Protector.

From the wide range of different bagels available, I chose a packet of Plain (safe choice) and Seeded (because they looked so wholesome and healthy).

Then I let my teenagers loose with a variety of fillings.

They came up with their own creations.

The next job was to put the Bagel Protector to the test.

I have to admit that our bagels were not as perfectly rounded as the Bagel Protector but with a small amount of encouragement, we managed to pop one in. The robust design protected the bagel perfectly and it looked a lot more exciting than a sandwich bag!

The bagels were consumed enthusiastically.

With the children back at school and college now, I am faced with the constant challenge of providing lunch box offerings that are slightly more exciting than a soggy sandwich. Filled bagels could definitely  be the answer and the Bagel Protector would ensure that lunch remains unsquashed and appetising . There is even a wipe clean surface on the lid to write down the filling used (although with the morning rush - this would most likely have to remain a surprise!)

(Filling creations included: marmite, soft cheese and tomato, cheddar and cucumber, jalapeno cheddar, tomato puree and soft cheese.)

For news and information on all things bagel, like New York Bakery Co. Bagel facebook page

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  1. I really like this idea; way better than a sandwich box xxx


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