Monday, 17 September 2012

Jungle Junction Race Launcher Play Set

This is the second of my Jungle Junction Play Set reviews (see also Taxicrab Boat Play Set).

The Race Launcher Play Set definitely made my daughter's eyes light up.

There was some adult assembly required which is always a little awkward with children desperate to get their hands on their new toy.

When everything was clicked into place and the last of the stickers applied, the children were let loose.

Initially there was some argument because one of he launcher ramps is higher than the other and they both wanted that one but after a reminder about taking turns and sharing nicely (and the accompanying threat to take the toy away completely if the arguments persisted) they played together. 

The set includes an Ellyvan and a Crocker racing figure (more fighting because they both wanted Crocker - *tears hair out*) A mechanical arm (attached to an image of Bobby the toucan Police Chief) dings the starting bell and with the pull of a lever that raises a section of ramp at the top of the launchers, the race is on! If I was being pedantic, I'd say it is difficult to get a completely fair start to the race but the fun is less about winning and more about  the crazy collisions at the bottom of the launcher.... and then racing all over again.

The children did have a lot of fun with this Play Set but unfortunately, an over enthusiastic start to one particular race saw the starting lever snapping off on one side. It does still work but it is a bit of a fiddle.  I would advise caution and restraint to prevent this occurrence.

RRP £24.99

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