Thursday, 19 July 2012

Orbeez Soothing Spa

I love the rare opportunities I get to pamper my feet. It feels so wonderfully relaxing. I do own a Foot Spa that I don't use nearly enough.

I was intrigued by a new product launched by Character that brings the foot pampering experience to children in a fun and unique way. The product is the Orbeez Soothing Spa and I wondered what my little girl, Addy, would make of it when we were offered one to review.

The spa required a small amount of assembly, including fitting two C batteries.

The Orbeez themselves are squidgy little hydrated gel spheres in an array of colours. The kit contained two bags of these - a total of 1,500 Orbeez.

With both bags emptied into the spa it looked like a most inviting, moist mini ball pool especially for feet.  By soaking the Orbeez  in warm water prior to use you can achieve your preferred temperature for optimum enjoyment - but we left them as they were.

Addy sat on a comfortably low seat and plunged her feet into the spa. When we turned it on, the balls were picked up by a slowly rotating (shielded) wheel and deposited into the top reservoir where they gently cascaded down into the bowls below. It was a relaxing and quite mesmerising effect. She said that the Orbeez felt soft and happily wiggled her toes around.

Unfortunately, we did not have alkaline batteries and the cheap ones that we used drained too quickly to get the full effect of the ambient light that is a feature of the Spa. 

Addy loved the little bottle of perfume provided that can be added to the Orbeez for another sensory dimension to the relaxing spa experience.

The bowls that form the cascading Orbeez waterfall are easily removable and double up as finger soaking bowls for manicures.

Two sealable bags are provided to store the Orbeez after use to keep them in good condition for the next time that little feet need a treat.

I have to admit that it was a bit of a fiddle trying to manage the multitude of slippery little Orbeez and several did end up rolling away and getting damaged when I tried to retrieve them. Replacements are available to order.

Although this is quite a large piece of equipment to find a home for when not in use, I did think it was a lot of fun and worth the effort. Next time I treat myself to a grown up pampering home foot spa session, I will definitely have my little girl beside me for some mother/daughter bonding with her very own Orbeez Soothing Spa. If I am honest, I might even be a little bit envious. My own foot spa seems  quite boring now by comparison!

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