Sunday, 29 July 2012


I have been loving the hot sunny weather and clear blue skies but when the all too familiar grey clouds gathered overhead, we decided to add a little sparkle of our own to a dull day.

I had recently been sent Blingles from Character to review - a Bling Studio to create your own jewelled stickers. It is aimed at girls aged from 8 years but my four year old, with a little help from her big sister, was more than willing to have a go.

The studio holds everything you need to make your own gem designs that can then be used to add a touch of glamour wherever you want it.

Once the components had all been placed in their correct compartments in the studio, the first job was to choose a design template for our creation. Addy opted for a star and big sister Charis (who had been experimenting with nail art!)  helped her to load it into the template tray.

The next job was to master the technique of picking up the tiny gems with the 'gem pen' tool provided and to position them carefully on the transparent mat over the design template. With perseverance, Addy became quite adept at this and giggled when things didn't go completely smoothly.

Turning the design into useable bling was a little tricky for Addy but she helped when possible with pushing and rolling and peeling.

Addy was delighted with the finished bling saying it was "luvverly" and stuck it to her much loved Box of Books.

She immediately asked "Can I make another one?"

The Box of Books now has a sparkly rainbow next to the star!

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