Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I'm not one of those mums who dread school holidays. I love having the kids home. I love the noise and chaos. I love finding them activities to keep them occupied.

However, this easter holiday has not started well.

Both my little ones have recently had chicken pox and my little boy in particular had a very hard time of it, covered in spots that drove him crazy. Just when I thought we were putting illness behind us, they both started vomiting.

I assumed it was a 24 hour bug and they would bounce back quickly but 48hours later they still weren't even able to keep down water.

We took them the see the nurse at our health centre. She examined them and could find nothing that started alarm bells ringing. We were advised to keep trying to encourage them to have sips of water and as long as they were peeing there was nothing too much to worry about. She did ask that we bring my son, who was clearly in a worse state than his sister, back to see the doctor later that day for a second opinion. As a child, the nurse had developed meningitis following chicken pox and was well aware of the potential dangers of a lowered immunity.

The doctor confirmed that regular sips of water and monitoring their hydration levels was the only course of action required.

They have both slept for much of the time.

I have been desperately trying to keep on top of the unavoidable mountain of sicky laundry and doing my best to stay positive.

It is very difficult to stay positive.

My precious holiday time is ticking away. I have achieved none of the plans and goals that I had set myself and I am left feeling incredibly tired and run down.

Little Addy is in bed now, sleeping peacefully. Dylan is in his daddy's arms ready to be put in his cot. Maybe tonight they will actually remain in their beds all night rather than ending up in mine. I never object to bed sharing if they need it but it does give me back ache to add to my woes.

I want my little ones back healthy and happy. I want to see their appetites return. I don't want to feel their tiny bones through their skin where they have both lost so much weight.

They have been brighter today and hopefully tomorrow they will be brighter still. There is still plenty of holiday time to enjoy and I won't care what the weather does outside as long as I can finally wave goodbye to the black cloud of illness that has hung about for far too long.

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