Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 Car Seat

I have been having trouble on car journeys with my son Dylan, who is nearly 2 years old. He does not like to be restrained by the harness on his car seat and is very adept at wriggling out of it. I am not so adept an wrestling him back in - especially when trying to achieve this whilst leaning into the back from the front seat.

Inadequately restrained toddler, stressed mother - definitely a situation to be avoided.

I was hopeful that the design of the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 would suit him better so that I could stop dreading taking him anywhere in the car.

Rather than using an integral harness, the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 has a substantial impact shield that slides into position across the child's middle and the whole thing is secured using the car's three point seat belt. It  is very easy to use and I felt that it offered a good deal of protection. I was slightly worried that it looked a little cumbersome and would not be comfortable but Dylan seemed to really like it.

We put the car seat to test on the hour or so long drive to Liverpool airport on our way to Spain. We left very early in the morning so I took advantage of the recline feature on the seat in the hope that Dylan would go back to sleep. Again, this was very easy to use. A sleeping clamp located on the back of the seat is unfolded to rest against the back of the vehicle's seat which reclines the child.

Sleeping clamp unfolded

Dylan never actually gave in to sleep during the journey but he sat quietly and contented.

In Spain, the seat that we were provided with in the hire car was of the integral harness design. He was quickly back to his old tricks wiggling and squiggling out like a tiny Houdini and crying with frustration every time I tried to make him safe again. It was all the more annoying for me knowing that the perfect solution to this problem was in a long stay car park at John Lennon Airport!

The seat has some clever design features that mean it can adjust to suit your growing child from aged 9 months to 12 years.

I was really impressed by how easy it was to use in terms of making the adjustments to ensure a perfect fit, switching between reclined and upright and getting Dylan in and out. I would definitely recommend it, particularly to anyone like me, who has a little wriggler for a child.


  1. Thanks for writing this. I saw this in the shop today and was just slightly concerned about the impact shield and how tight it might be on the child's legs? I didn't have my son with me so we didn't try it out. I'm just worried he will feel held down, with no room to wriggle his legs around. Although perhaps that's the whole point of it...

    Is it as tight as it looks?


  2. We have used it on a few journeys now and he always seems very comfortable and happy.

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