Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Peppa Pig Minis

Travelling with little ones is so much less stressful if you take a selection of toys that are easily portable and can hold a child's interest. I am always on the lookout for such toys and was delighted to be sent a selection of Peppa Pig Minis from Golden Bear to review.

Mini Stick on Felts (RRP £9.99)

This set contained a good sized board with loads of big, bright, colourful, reusable, sticky felt pieces.

The easily recognisable characters from the Peppa Pig cartoon made this an instant success with my daughter, 4 year old Addy. She loved looking through all the pieces to see what she could use for her picture. She particularly like the sun and clouds. She happily told a little story as she used the pieces to build a scene.

Once completed, she proudly held up her creation and announced that she had made a beautiful picture. She then asked "Shall I make another beautiful picture?"

Of course there is no limit to the amount of beautiful pictures that she can make.

As this does not come with anything to store the board or felt pieces, I will need to find something suitable to make it useful as a toy for travelling.

Mini Dough Set (RRP £6.99)

The mini dough set contained two little pots of modelling dough, a cutting tool and two Peppa Pig moulds.

In terms of being useful as a travelling toy, I think it was actually far too messy. Having said that, Addy did love making Peppa Pig, George and George's toy dinosaur using the moulds and then engaged in some imaginative play with the characters until they became squashed beyond recognition from over enthusiastic handling! That signalled the time to remake them. It kept her entertained for ages.

Mini Sketchy Fun (RRP £5.99)

This was one of those little doodle screens that uses iron filings and magnets to sketch pictures and was probably the product that excited Addy the most. She loved the pink colour, she loved that it was 'Peppa Pig', she loved drawing on the screen with the special pen and most of all, she loved erasing her drawings with the plastic slider. She kept exclaiming "This is MAGIC!" and trying to impress her little brother by showing him.

Once the novelty of the 'magic' wears off,  I still think this will have great play value - particularly for a little girl that loves to practise her letters. I don't doubt that it will be hijacked at some point by older sisters for a quick game of noughts and crosses!


  1. Toys is great activity for child. Its all toys is great and give creative idea to child. Your daughter make such beautiful picture. Its too good work.

  2. Everything here looks so fun!

    There's a competition over on at the moment where you can win a family ticket to Peppa Pig World. Thought you may be interested to know!

  3. I agree that if you are traveling with children and you don't have toys for them, you can not enjoy your journey.


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