Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I am very glad that I didn't make a promise in my New Year action plan to blog daily. I would have failed miserably already.

This picture of my knitting after I had spent the best part of 40 minutes untangling the mess my little boy made of the ball of wool seems to be synonymous with my life at the moment. I work hard to create some sort of order but chaos still reigns.

I have had similar tangles in my hair to contend with.

On Saturday, my body was exercised, stimulated and pampered with all that The Fairlawns Spa, Walsall had to offer on a day out with my sister and niece. My skin felt soft and smooth but my hair had been frazzled by saunas and steam rooms and had a generous caking of mud from my over enthusiastic application technique during the mud treatment we had booked.  On Sunday, I added to the disaster of what should be my crowning glory when I painted the ceiling in my daughter's new living room. The 'value' emulsion I was using rained down on me with every roll of the roller. Much washing, conditioning and brushing later and I am still more Worzel Gummidge than Rapunzel.

Hair-wise, it could be worse. My little Addy loves to climb up onto her daddy's shoulders (whether he wants her to or not!). My husband does not like to admit that he is thinning in top - preferring to refer to his bald spot as a 'prominent crown'. It was with such an earnest tone that she said to him from her vantage point - Daddy, you've got a hole in your hair.

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  1. What a cute little picture. I gave up knitting long ago lol. Its far too slow for me


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