Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Gallery - Week 87 - Eyes

I have brown eyes.

Five out of my six children have brown eyes, ranging in shade from greenish brown to nearly black, but still brown nonetheless.

My husband has blue eyes which in a metrosexual moment that we never let him live down, he described as slate. 

Our little Addy somehow got the mix of genes that have given her vivid blue eyes.  I still find it slightly odd when she looks at me with them - they feel so unfamiliar. 

To capture the image for this week's Gallery I experimented with my macro lens, which was a lot less tricky than trying to get Addy to sit still and open her eyes for 5 seconds!


  1. What a gorgeous colour! Great photograph.

  2. lovely photo! I love close ups of eyes x

  3. oooh fab shot. My youngest is the only one with blue eyes too, and I find it odd looking into blue instead of brown eyes! x

  4. Lovely photo - we all have blue eyes here - I wonder if that could be why I love blue so much....

    Lou :-)

  5. Gorgeous colour! I'm the odd one out in our family as my 2 have taken after their daddy with their brilliant blue eyes and me with my multi coloured eyes!

  6. Such long eyelashes! I want some like that!

  7. I'm impressed you got such a crisp shot! Anytime I take a photo of my kids up close it blurs!


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