Thursday, 19 January 2012

Maths Geek

My daughter Taylor is a maths geek hoping to achieve A* in her maths and further maths A Levels to secure herself a place at Warwick University to study.... maths, obviously!

Having a  maths geek daughter definitely has its uses and gave me three Reasons to be Cheerful in one evening alone.

She used her knowledge of ratios and her ability to calculate quickly and accurately to resize a digital photograph for me to exactly the size I wanted using HTML code.

She then used her problem solving skills and sheer tenacity and determination to finish unravelling the big knotted mess that my little boy had turned my knitting into.

Finally, she made Apple Pi.


  1. maths has never been my strong point, I take my hat off to anyone who can do Maths at A Level, let alone at University - I hope you daughter gets her A* - love the apple pi by the way and her t-shirt!

  2. Haha! I love e apple pi, that's ace. Hope she does well in her exams, sounds like she will after all that practice.

  3. I'm glad my geekiness makes you cheerful :)

  4. Sounds like she is not just a maths geek but an all rounder to me.

  5. She looks so very young. How can you bear the thought of her going? Very talented girl. All the best for a happy future for her.

  6. Loving the apple Pi, clever young lady you have there! Mich x

  7. Brilliant, I could do with one of those as I'm rubbish at maths but love appple pi :)

  8. My brain completely shuts off as soon as any numbers are presented to me...I sooooo admire her for studying maths at Uni...That is so fab! Very Cool! x

  9. Now, that's the sort of pi I can deal with. You must be very proud of your daughter.


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