Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth - review

I am no germaphobe. It would be a rare day that hand sanitizer found it's way into my shopping basket. However, I do love having a clean and tidy house.

Since my two little ones came along, my clean and tidy ideal has been something I aspire to but never achieve. As quick as I 'clean' and 'tidy', they 'dirty' and 'mess'!

If it came to a choice of spotless home/no children or chaotic mess/children, it really wouldn't be at all difficult. I adore being a mum to my two little terrors and I wouldn't have it any other way.

It doesn't stop me trying to have it all though.

There are two household tasks that I particularly dislike doing - mostly because the time they stay 'done' does not justify the time I spend doing them. As I would happily embrace anything that might make these tasks easier, I was very pleased to be sent the Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth to review.

According to the packaging: Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth is a unique paper towel that cleans like a cloth, its concentrated fibres ensure a cloth-like feel and leaves no nasty streaks across shiny surfaces - making it the perfect cleaning partner.

I have to admit it did feel much stronger than ordinary paper towels.

I tried it out on my Most Hated Task Number 1 - Cleaning the TV

I am in constant battle not just with the dust that is attracted to the TV but also the greasy little finger marks that appear every day when my three year old gets a little too interactive with her favourite programs. I don't help myself by having a black glass TV stand that shows up even the tiniest speck of dust.

I have tried all sorts of things from feather dusters to micro fibre cloths but have never found the perfect solution.

I gave the Thirst Pocket Multi Cloth a go, dampened with my regular anti static spray. Just one sheet removed most of the dust from the TV, the stand and the other bits of equipment that none of us can live without these days. A second sheet tackled the greasy finger marks with no problem and with a third sheet for a final wipe over, it was done. Easy.

I know that the dust will be back next time I look but there are plenty more sheets on my roll!

 Most Hated Task Number 2 - Cleaning low level windows.

I have lots of glass doors in my house. They are lovely for keeping the rooms light but with one of these.. get a lot of these.

I usually use old newspaper with my glass cleaner (as recommended by Kim and Aggie of 'How Clean is Your House?' fame) but on small panes of glass it can be a bit awkward and it does leave your hands feeling really grubby.

I tried the Thirst Pocket Multi Cloth. The claim that this paper towel Performs Like a Cloth is actually quite true. One sheet did a brilliant job...

...and I was very happy to throw this straight into the bin.

The Verdict - far superior to a paper towel, it lives up to the claims it makes and will definitely be making my life a little easier from now on.

MRRSP £2.39 from Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Asda.

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