Saturday, 11 June 2011

Golden Moments

Last night, I went to see my 14 year old daughter perform in 'Golden Moments' which was the 50th Anniversary Show of our local Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.

Charis has been putting a lot into the rehearsals for the show and this week with performances that went on until 10.30pm each night, she has been extremely tired.

Not that you would have known from the way she conducted herself on stage. She was bright eyed, enthusiastic, charismatic and full of energy. Her singing voice was clear and strong and she didn't put a foot wrong in her dance routines. She smiled with confidence.

It was an absolute delight to watch her.

This morning, she slept in until well past lunchtime but I think she deserved it (and in all honesty probably desperately needed it). It is the final night of the show tonight but the hard work continues as she is starring in another play to be staged in July.

I took my mum along with me to see her grand daughter in action last night. Mum bought me an ice cream during the half time interval which made me feel very much like her little girl. It was lovely to spend some time with her and we laughed at a lot of the same things (the actress who really needed to pull her leggings up, the amateur dramaticians who were a lot less talented than they obviously thought they were!)

It was a long show (my aching backside will testify to that) but it featured some really great songs from the musicals and the segments that delivered 'News and Views' from the last five decades was quite a nostalgic journey for me chronicling the five decades of my life.

I took my camera with me but respected the request for no photography. Instead I will leave you with a couple of photographs of Charis as Blousy Brown in a 2009 production of Bugsy Malone. This production was paid tribute to in 'Golden Moments' with Charis leading a song and dance routine of Fat Sam's Grand Slam. She was amazing but scarily quite sexy. I definitely saw a glimpse of the composed, self assured woman she is rapidly becoming.

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