Monday, 4 October 2010

The post party house blitz.

My post party house blitz began in earnest today. My husband had already put all the furniture back in its proper place and we had done a bit of a tidy up but it is surprising just how messy things get. Even rooms that hadn't been used were crying out for a good vacuum and polish. And then of course there was the laundry mountain that had accumulated because I had been neglectful of it while the party was occupying so much time and attention.

The laundry mountain actually served me quite well last night. My sister has been trying to rally up support for another competition that she is involved in. The competition is to win a car (again) and the first round only required you to submit a picture of a car that you have made out of anything you like to the Eden Shopping Centre Facebook page. Her husband made a lovely little boxy car out of computer components with DVD wheels and cleverly spelling HYUNDAI (the prize car) out of computer keys for decoration. There is a special prize for the person who gets the most 'likes' on the photo so I was loyally 'liking'. It thoroughly deserved the 'like' incidently! I couldn't help but notice that the response to the competition was still pitifully low - only about 20 entries despite the deadline for submissions being extended. It seemed silly not to give it a go myself.

It was 10.30pm after a manic weekend but the deadline was 10am next morning. It was a now or never situation.

I tried to think of something to make my car out of that hadn't already been used. First I tried money - a £20 note folded for the body, coins for the wheels. That didn't work. I tried to objects in my baby changing box - disposable nappy for the body, tubs of nappy rash cream for the wheels. That didn't work. I tried items from my bathroom. That didn't work either but the lovely smell on my fingers after having tried to model a vehicle out of lush products really made me fancy a nice relaxing soak in the tub! Meanwhile, my daft husband was constructing a life size landrover in the kitchen out of bakeware and  kitchen appliances. I was losing the will a bit by now so decided to go and put a load of washing on whilst waiting for inspiration to strike.

Sometimes, inspiration strikes when you least expect it. About half an hour later, I was uploading a photograph of my car constructed out of laundry! - underpants for the body, rolled up socks for the wheels, a little bit of yellow sock peeping out for headlights and Liqui-tablets for the windows (white diamond and lotus flower scented!) I was very excited to see my creation appear on the site and now hope I get some 'likes' myself for what I affectionately refer to as my Hy-Undie.

Back to the more serious part of today's blog. So there I was post party blitzing.... the baby was asleep in his cot and my 2year old  was now playing nicely in her room after having been frightened by the noise of the vacuum cleaner. Playing nicely in her room ... or so I thought. I suddenly had one of those disconcerting sensations that something wasn't right. I dropped what I was doing and dashed off to check.

It didn't take me long to find my little girl. She was in the bathroom, had somehow managed to get the lid off a bottle of extra thick toilet cleaner, had dolloped it liberally all over the toilet seat and floor and was merrily splashing in it with the toilet brush. I could see that her trousers and socks were already starting to bleach. I grabbed her, pulled her to safety and stripped her clothes off before she even knew I was there. Miraculously, she had come to no harm whatsoever (which is more than can be said for her trousers and socks!)

I do at least now have a spotlessly clean bathroom

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