Monday, 11 October 2010

The great petrol robbery

I've just had a rather nice policeman with a big shiny police baton knocking at my door. Now my daughter's other half is a policemen so I am quite familiar with uniformed men but I was a little concerned when he asked me if I was the owner of a blue BMW ZX. I'm not but my husband is. It turned out that my daft husband had filled said BMW  ZX up with petrol and driven away from the garage without paying. The policeman could see by my reaction that this was one of those stupid oversight situations rather than an intention to steal. I know my husband has a lot of balls to juggle almost all the time, but really...

Anyway, the policeman was very good humoured and even admitted to having made the same stupid mistake himself once before. I did promise to ensure that my husband felt suitably embarrassed.

One of the balls my husband has been juggling recently is the possibility of a new job. We are very happy where we are living and he is reasonably happy with his current job despite it being an hour commute each way and not really challenging him to his full capability (paying for petrol is not part of his job description luckily!) The new position looks absolutely ideal for him on paper but would potentially mean relocating to Leeds.

I have moved about a lot in my life but having been settled in Shropshire for the last decade and being comfortable with my network of family and friends here, I would find it quite a wrench. This is not a reason to discount the possibility of a move though.

My husband has a wealth of knowledge and experience in his particular field and is full of ideas about what he wants to include in his motivational letter and job application form, but he's not too clever at getting those ideas expressed in a coherent form in writing. This is where I come in. Between us, we have managed to put together what  I hope is an impressive application. For me, it's not dissimilar to entering a competition - you put your entry together to the best of your ability' submit it  then forget about it. If you win the prize, then it's fantastic. The prize in this instance is something that has become more important to my husband the more he has invested in it. Right now,  I'm happy not to even think about the implications for me and the family if his application is successful and I am very proud of my husband for his ambition and the hard work he puts into progressing his career.

Apart from the brief distraction with the policeman, I have been waiting anxiously all morning for our Ultimate Family Superhero video to go live on the Volkswagon Facebook page. The PR company responsible have said that it will be 'after lunch'. I don't know what time PR people generally have their lunch but  I had mine ages ago....

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