Tuesday, 18 March 2014


My little Addy is definitely starting to develop her own sense of style. It isn't always easy on the eye but  she loves her outfits and has fun with them.

A new product I was sent to review, skribbies, was absolutely perfect for her.

Skribbies are fashionable High-Top trainers for children available in three colour combinations. I wanted the Neon Black but Addy was insistent that she'd be the one wearing them and she wanted Pink. Pink won!

She was absolutely thrilled with the trainers... and the pens and stickers included in the box. What she had yet to realise was that the pens and the stickers were for creating a unique, customised look for the trainers.  She didn't question the fact that she was allowed (encouraged) to draw on her shoes. She happily got on with it.

The upper is a lovely smooth, shiny material - perfect for drawing on. The box also contained a skribbie wrist band for wiping the shoes clean ready to be drawn on again. Addy loved the wristband and even wanted to wear it to bed! The surface wiped clean easily - so easily that I did accidentally erase a couple of designs whilst trying to help Addy get the shoes on.

Addy was definitely absorbed in the task of decorating her new High-Tops and was very proud of her finished product. More important to me as a parent was how well they functioned as footwear. We 'road' tested them in the garden and they certainly seemed to give her plenty of spring in her step.

Addy loved her trainers and I was very impressed with them. However, it does mean that I need to keep a close eye on her little brother to ensure that he doesn't start thinking it is OK to draw on all his shoes too!

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